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Celebrating 30 Years of Outstanding Graphic Design, Branding, and Marketing Solutions 

We’re Dunn and Rice Design—a premier branding, graphic design, and marketing agency located in Rochester, NY. We combine fresh creative thinking with smart traditional and digital marketing tactics for a variety of industries and clients—from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses. It’s no secret why we’ve been going strong since 1987—it’s the quality of our work, our relationship-driven ethos, and our ability to continually evolve as a marketing agency along with the rapidly changing technologies and marketing tactics in our industry. Whether your business needs a customized branding strategy to set your company apart from your competition, a new website design, or a pop-off-the-shelf package design, discover why your next bright idea might be to contact us.  

We develop memorable brands that convey what makes your business unique. Our branding goals are to increase awareness and drive sales for your B2B or B2C company—large or small.
We began as a graphic design company in Rochester, NY, three decades ago. Our incredible graphic design services are what makes our marketing agency shine
We bring brands to life at the shelf—from package design and graphics to product line extension design and production.
We offer strategic marketing and advertising services to give your company the opportunity to reach its full potential.
Our web designers build attractive, customized, responsive websites that tell your story, capture attention and lead to conversions.
We create effective ads and deliver them through channels that will garner optimum results—from concept and design to copywriting.
We combine attention-grabbing graphic design with compelling messaging for tradeshow displays, POP displays, signage, and more.
Our video production services include concept, filming, scripting, graphics and animation, editing, music integration, and voice-over talent.


We discover and communicate your unique brand story—from your logo design and corporate identity to digital marketing. 

Our graphic designers create visually stunning and highly effective printed and digital marketing materials that capture attention.   

We bring brands to life with eye-popping packaging and POP display design, and coordinating sell sheet and in-store graphics and signage.

We offer strategic marketing and advertising services to give your company the opportunity to reach its full potential.  

We design and develop responsive websites and effective digital marketing tactics that increase awareness and positively affect your bottom line.


First, we’ll meet with you to learn about your business and its goals. We’ll discover who your competitors are and what attributes set you apart from them. We learn about your audience, how you are currently reaching them, which tactics are working well, and which areas could use improvement.

We learn who your competitors are, what they’re up to, and look for opportunities where we can leverage your company’s unique strengths. We’ll research industry leaders, marketing trends, and determine where your audience turns for information about your type of products and services.

Our graphic design and marketing teams will put their heads together to determine which tactics will be the most effective for your business goals and budget. Based on our research, we will create a customized strategic marketing plan that will serve as a roadmap for future initiatives

Creative team members join forces, Ideas are born, graphic design concepts are created and content is developed. Concepts are presented, the client offers input, and refinements are made. Once approved, your marketing or advertising project is launched on time and on budget.  

When your project has launched and the appropriate amount of time has passed, we’ll review its effectiveness, and make improvements if necessary. We’ll learn which marketing and advertising tactics are giving you and your business the best possible R.O.I. and grow from there.


What's the big idea?

That’s what we ask ourselves before tackling any branding, graphic design, or digital marketing project. It begins with a concept—a bright idea that sparks our visual creativity. Whether we’re developing website or designing an eye-popping package design that shouts, “Pick me! Pick me,” our passion is transforming big ideas into effective marketing tactics.

Is HUGE what you need?

Ask yourself if your business really needs a super-sized, multi-level management ad agency. We’re not the largest advertising agency in Rochester, NY, but—we are seriously good at what we do and just the right size to be able to offer clients the personal attention they deserve. Our team is relationship-driven, and genuinely dedicated to your success.

Variety is good.

Our diverse range of services and wide variety of clients gives us the flexibility and expertise to serve Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses located in Rochester, NY. On any given day you might find us creating a logo design for a new startup, or using our graphic design skills to develop packaging for a line of wide-screen televisions.

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