What We Do

Our graphic design and marketing agency provides a full-range of services—from developing a corporate identity to creating a customized website design. We’re focused on getting the results you’re looking for.



Advertise, Promote, Profit

At Dunn and Rice, we work relentlessly to get your message out to the right audience, through the appropriate channels, in a way that elicits the response you’re looking for. Whether the purpose of your advertising effort is to raise awareness (brand advertising), or to elicit an immediate action or sale (direct response advertising), we can help. Our services include competitive research, strategy, ad concept, branding consultation, graphic design, copywriting, story boarding, video production, script writing, digital file preparation, and much more. Our goal: to deliver a return on your advertising investment.

Print and Digital Advertising

We'll determine which advertising tactics will deliver the biggest bang for your buck. Print ads, when reinforced with PR and digital marketing, can be very effective. Press advertising includes newspaper and magazine ads, trade journal ads, and more. Other forms of print advertising include flyers, rack cards, posters, and banners. Digital advertising includes display ads, email marketing, digital signage, social network advertising, and video. At Dunn and Rice Design, we'll do our research, recommend, and implement the appropriate advertising tactics and media that makes sense for your business, your goals, and your budget.  


Direct Mail Advertising

Traditional direct mail is a form of direct marketing in which businesses send promotions, announcements, and a variety of information to a targeted audience. Dunn and Rice will design and deliver effective direct mail advertising and promotional literature to your target audience including postcards, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, and customized marketing materials.

In-Store Advertising

If you are a consumer product business, and your goal is to grab attention that results in a purchase, we’ll get it done right. Dunn and Rice Design has years of experience developing in-store advertising materials such as point-of-purchase (POP) counter and floor merchandising displays, neck hangers, shelf talkers, vinyl cling ads, window signage, and store banners.

Outdoor and Vehicle Advertising

If you want to get your message to the masses in a BIG way, consider large-format advertising such as billboards, vehicle ads, or banners and signage. These traditional approaches act as giant advertisements. Done well, they can be highly effective. Our graphic design team will create eye-catching large-scale advertisements that are sure to make a huge impact.


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