What We Do

Our graphic design and marketing agency provides a full-range of services—from developing a corporate identity to creating a customized website design. We’re focused on getting the results you’re looking for.



Our Views on Branding

Ask 10 people what branding means and you’ll get many different answers. The truth is that branding is all encompassing and is more about the emotional relationship your customers have with your business. Unfortunately, some business owners feel that they can check ‘branding’ off of their list of marketing goals, simply because they’ve they've had a logo designed for their company. Our mission, and the goal of any good branding agency, is to develop a brand that connects with your audience, conveys your company's unique offerings, and creates brand loyalty in a consistent and visually impactful way.

We're Brandtuitive

Brandtuitive adjective • (bran-too-i-tiv). Yes, we made it up—but it perfectly describes the intuitive component that's an innate part of all that we do—from creating a custom logo design to devising and implementing digital marketing tactics. We’ve been creating and growing successful brands for three decades and we instinctively weave smart branding tactics into all that we do. It's second nature. If you’re searching for a branding agency with some of the best graphic designers in Rochester, NY, and beyond, look no further. 

How We Can Help

We develop customized branding strategies that capture the essence of your business, its values, and personality. A solid branding strategy should be at the heart of every graphic design or marketing initiative. We work hard to ensure that your brand:  

  • Stands apart from your competitors
  • Creates loyalty and advocates
  • Moves your business forward

Branding Services Include:

  • Branding Strategy 
  • Brand Assessment and Consultation     
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Company and Product Naming
  • Tagline Creation and Key Messaging   
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Brand Standards Guidelines Design

Logo Design

Our graphic designers create an eye-catching, memorable logo designs that capture the essence and personality of your business and allow you to stand out from your competitors. Maybe you have a start-up company and need us to develop a comprehensive marketing plan in addition to a new logo design. Or, or a Marketing Director of a large corporation looking to have your corporate logo enhanced to reflect a new acquisition or change in business offerings. Either way or any scenario in between, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn more and see examples of our work. More

Corporate Identity

Let Dunn and Rice Design create a customized corporate identity for your business that has one consistent graphical look and feel weaved throughout all of your marketing materials. Learn more about what types of marketing tactics can be part of your corporate identity. You may be surprised to learn that it's so much more than your logo design, business cards, letterhead, and business forms. Your corporate identity (corporate ID) can help bolster your brand with a consistent voice that reflects your company's intrinsic values. Visit our corporate identity page to learn more and see examples of our work. More


Yes, It Does

Many small to mid-size business owners do not have experience with branding or understand its importance in marketing their companies. As the captain of your ship, you know how to do what you do best—which is to run your business by applying your industry knowledge and putting in many hours of hard work. Our branding, graphic design, and marketing professionals bring a depth of knowledge and experience that takes decades to fully understand. We’ve helped local businesses, as well as global Fortune 500 companies successfully brand and market their companies and products for decades.

Our Branding Process

At Dunn and Rice Design, we utilize a proven branding process, beginning with an in-depth interview to learn what you envision your brand to be. When we’ve done our research, we’ll develop a brand strategy to be used as a foundation for all future marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a new startup business or an established company, our branding experts, along with some of the best graphic designers in Rochester, NY, are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to show you how partnering with Dunn and Rice Design for all of your branding services is a smart choice. Contact us to learn more.

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