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Our graphic design and marketing agency provides a full-range of services—from developing a corporate identity to creating a customized website design. We’re focused on getting the results you’re looking for.

Logo Design


Ask Yourself

Does your logo have visual impact? Is it unique? Is it memorable? Does it truly reflect the essence and values of your business? Your logo design is a graphical representation of your company. In an instant, it tells your audience what your company is all about and helps sell your products or services. Your logo is the star player in your branding story. An outdated, or unprofessional logo design can send potential customers running to your competition. That’s why it’s important that an experienced professional with a deep understanding of branding creates a powerful logo design for your business.

If you’ve taken the initiative to hire a professional graphic design company to create a custom logo for your business, you are sending a message to your customers that you care enough about your business to take care of their needs with the same professionalism. Our branding experts and team of designers will create a custom logo that conveys your company’s essence and reflects the values and high quality offerings in a visually impactful and effective way.

Enhance or Redesign?

Maybe your company has a timeless logo design—the most effective ones are. If this is the case and your customers have a long-standing emotional attachment to your brand, the equity it holds is precious. But, even the most iconic brands may give their logo a brand new look to signify a change in philosophy, a shift in their offerings, or to show that they are relevant in today’s marketplace. Our graphic design team has the skills to take even the most quintessential logo design and give it a more up-to-date look without losing its brand equity.   

On the other hand, if your logo appears outdated, are in the process of repositioning your company, or a major change in ownership or merger is taking place, it may be time to consider a logo redesign. The branding experts and graphic designers at Dunn and Rice Design will meet with you, analyze your current branding strategy and logo design, and make recommendations on whether or not it’s time to enhance your current logo or give it a totally new look. 

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Discover, Research, Strategize

Dunn and Rice Design will meet with you to review your current branding, discuss your business goals, target audience, competitors, and your vision for your new or enhanced logo design. Once we’ve done our competitive and industry research, our graphic design and branding experts will discuss strategies and possible approaches so that we can transform our ‘bright ideas’ into creative logo concepts.    

Concept, Design, Refine

Several logo design concepts will be explored and only our favorites will be presented to you for consideration. Once you select one logo design, we’ll gather any initial changes you would like to see made. We’ll further refine your chosen logo and provide several color combinations and typographic options for you to choose from. A final logo design is chosen, any last-minute revisions are made, and your logo design is completed.

Finalize, Implement

After we receive final approval on your new logo design, we’ll prepare digital art in a variety of file formats for use in all types of media. We’ll then discuss where your new logo will be used, what your marketing goals are, and recommend which tactics will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Our goal is to map out a long-term rollout strategy that can be carried out in phases to accommodate your budgetary needs.

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