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Package Design


Why Choose Us for Package Design?

The packaging design experts at Dunn and Rice Design have built their reputation on premier graphic design and package design services. 

We've provided packaging design for global and local consumer product companies for a variety of products and markets for three decades. Our goal is to develop packaging that springs from shelves that are often filled with visual clutter. Our graphic design team specializes in packaging design and will ensure that your package drives your brand and communicates your product’s value to the consumer. The result: increased sales.

Great Branding — Your Competitive Advantage

What if your competitor has a similar product to yours with only subtle features that separate you? This is when having a strong brand can give you the competitive edge. When competing products are similar in substance and price, consumers often purchase one product over another because of an emotional connection to the brand. Brands that evoke a positive emotional response within us—comfort, excitement, happiness, nostalgia—will often win over product attributes and price. At Dunn and Rice design, we design packaging that bolsters your brand, appeals to your audience, and compels them to select your product over a sea of competitors.  Our experienced package designers will complete an analysis of your brand and determine whether it's helping your package design or could use an enhancement. 

What We Do

Your packaging design needs to attract, inform, and engage consumers during the purchasing decision process. If your packaging visually fades in comparison to its neighbors on the shelf, your product may be overlooked. The first step in our creative packaging design process is to meet with you to discuss your goals, and learn about your target audience and competitors. Then we'll explore the physical environments where your product will be experienced to learn where your product will be positioned with regard to your competitors. review your packaging requirements, timelines, budget, and much more. We'll develop an estimate and once approved, begin the design portion of your project. From concept to production art, we can assist with all of your package design needs—or jump in and handle a portion of it. 

It's All in the Details

At Dunn and Rice Design, we understand the practical ins and outs of package design and ensure that your packaging is structurally sound and that we meet branding, industry, and legal requirements and guidelines. We provide innovative, and functionally sound structural design as well as graphics and imagery. We understand that visual and verbal elements of your packaging are just as important as the structural design, so we take great care in developing packaging that's successful at the shelf—from concept to 3D prototypes. Our talented graphic designers are also detailed oriented, organized, and will create your package design with skill and visual impact.


Production Art

We do it all—from creating pre-press digital files with technical accuracy and consistency to illustrating and producing 3D prototypes—and we do it well. More


  • Strategy and Consultation  
  • Online and In-Store Research
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Product Naming
  • Product Name and/or Brand Logo Design
  • Key Messaging and Tagline Development
  • Packaging Concepts and Graphic Design
  • 3-D Prototype Illustrations
  • Product Photography and Manipulation
  • Line Extension Design and Production Art 
  • Sell Sheet and Promotional Design
  • Point-of-Purchase and Display Design
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